Friday, May 1, 2009

What the pup????

Pink snow? Help, we have been abducted by space aliens while we slept and have ended up on some distant planet where it snows in pink!

Aja really grumbled at me for looking directly at the camera in this shot too. Ok, so I am new at this stuff, wuff me a break here. I was high from the pink snow and got lost for a minute in my delirium.

Aja has no bark to wuff either on the subject because you can clearly see him peeking at the camera to make sure the human was still paying attention to us. It IS all about us you know.

Finally, after we were certain that the odd noises she was making was for the sole purpose of getting our attention, we both managed to act like we were too good to look directly at the human. You can't let them know you are too eager on this planet. I mean really pink snow? We were both afraid to poo for fear it would be lilac or something!