Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year to Me!

Flurry here.....Happy New Year to Me!

On January 3rd, 2008 I was scheduled to die. Those words just made my Mom cry to type.

Thank goodness so many nice people and God had different plans for me.


My food bowl stays full every day and as you can see I have filled out into a Big Beautiful Dog.

I play with my brother Aja every day. We do the Husky Rumble, then the open mouth game, then we practice stretching out on the living room furniture and we decorate every inch possible with Husky hair. Mom must like this part because she collects it every time we do it in this silly canister thing. Of course Aja and I are right on top of things and we jump back up immediately to make more hair for the humon.

Every night I get on the bed with Mom and I protect her from the monsters under the bed until she falls asleep and every morning, hours before the alarm is due to go off, I jump on Mom to wake her up. This prevents her from having a heart attack if the alarm were to awaken her.

We go for long walks in the neighborhood and I get to see Chucky, Chester, Rocco, Burt, Chief, and Duncan every day.

When Mom isn't looking I even play with the birds.

I am teaching my Mom and everyone I meet what life is really about. Love everyone and play as much as you can. :)

From the humom

My heart is so in love with Flurry. Each and every time I hug her and kiss her (which is a gazillion times a day) I know how much God blessed me when he delivered such a sweet puppy into my life.

So many people have thanked me over the last year and said that I was an angel for rescuing Flurry. You have it all wrong. I am just human...Flurry is the angel. :)